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slim neural networks


Although “more” often seems better, brains can benefit from “less.” Recent research suggests that higher levels of intelligence result from more efficient networks. These slim neural networks result in better processing.Continue reading

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没有成绩?道格·莱莫夫(Doug Lemov)只是没有……

Although many experts argue that schools should have no grades, Doug Lemov strongly disagrees. His claim that the end of grades would preclude meritocracy has prompted a lively debate.Continue reading

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mother's homework help

Should Mothers Help Children With Homework?

根据芬兰的一项新研究,母亲的作业帮助可能会降低孩子的自主性和能力的感觉。因此,即使是善意的帮助也可能会减少孩子的动力 - 至少在二年级和三年级。Continue reading

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You, Your Child, and School: Navigating Your Way to the Best Education by Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica

Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica previously argued in their 2015 book Creative Schools (reviewed here) that we should pursue individualized and holistic learning. The duo have now written a sequel of sorts, for parents of school age children. In You,

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novices & experts

Crucial in the Classroom: Distinguishing between Experts & Novices

Novices & experts think differently. Teachers should not treat novices like experts, but should help them become experts. To do so, we need to think realistically about the limits of novice cognition.Continue reading

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Let’s Get Practical: More Flashcards Are Better

What flashcard strategies yield the most learning? Research suggests that relatively large flashcard piles spreads repetitions out, and therefore helps students learn better than relatively small piles. Because students prefer small to large, teachers should offer them consistent — and firm — guidance.Continue reading

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actors and concussions

Concerned about Concussions: Athletes and Actors

Teachers have often worried about athletes and concussions. New research suggests we should worry about actors and concussions as well. Two-thirds of professional actors suffer concussions, and 30% experience five or more. Those numbers encourage us to keep our eyes on student actors and techies.Continue reading

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caffeine and cognition

When You Want Higher Brain Entropy, Add Caffeine

Taking caffeine increases your level of “brain entropy,” a measurement of the “different neural states that a brain can access.” High brain entropy just might be good…and so it might also be good for caffeine to raise it. Clearly, the relationship between caffeine and cognition is complicated.Continue reading

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perils of mindfulness research

3rd Graders Beware! The Perils of Mindfulness Research

尽管有针对性的研究,但教师应该知道正念研究的危险。例如,在这项研究中,瑜伽可能帮助三年级学生改善了他们的情感生活质量……但是该研究缺乏积极的对照组。我们可以希望正念有所帮助,但我们不能确定。Continue reading

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Solving the Nap Research Problem (BTW: Naps Help!)

New research from China shows that daytime naps improve several cognitive functions — like sustained attention. Just as important, those naps don’t make it harder to sleep at night. In fact: frequent nappers sleep better than non-nappers. So, grab a pillow!Continue reading

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