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The Deep History of Ourselves: The Four-Billion-Year Story of How We Got Conscious Brains by Joseph LeDoux

New York University Professor and National Academy of Sciences member Joseph LeDoux recently published The Deep History of Ourselves: The Four-Billion-Year Story of How We Got Conscious Brains. He argues that understanding the evolutionary history of life on earth, which

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“Educating Anxious Brains”: Digging Deeper

I wrote two weeks ago about our first 2020 education conference: Educating Anxious Brains, in San Francisco — February 14-16. As you saw in that post, educators have lots to concern us: trauma & stress, and their effects on minds and

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Battles Worth Fighting: “What the Academy Taught Us”

A recent book on changing school systems offers valuable advice to teachers interested in psychology and neuroscience research.Continue reading

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How to Find Happiness

At this time of year, we can easily get distracted by things. If I have the right stuff — not the John Glenn kind of “right stuff,” but the right objects — then I’ll feel better about my life and

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A Holiday Present for the Teacher/Skeptic (in Beta)

A new website helps us confirm — or disconfirm — research findings that (perhaps) ought to guide our teaching.Continue reading

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Understanding (False) Learning Styles Beliefs

When people say they “believe in learning styles,” what exactly do they mean? Recent research helps answer that question…and thereby offers strategies for helping change their minds.Continue reading

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Introducing Our 2020 Education Conferences

我们2020年教育会议的第一次将着重于教育焦vwin娱乐平台打不开虑的大脑。学者,教师和社区领袖将描述压力和创伤的影响,并分享改善生活和学校的良好策略。Continue reading

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Balancing Direct Instruction with Project-Based Pedagogies

Tom Sherrington’s essay on direct instruction and project-based pedagogies is now available on his website. And: it prompts important questions about the novice/expert continuum.Continue reading

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Dangerous Fluency: Performance Isn’t Always Learning

Cognitive science research helps teachers understand learning better than our students do. We should be confident in offering wise counsel. For instance: based on research, should be ban technology from classrooms?Continue reading

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A Hidden Strength of “Concreteness Fading”

Upbeat, perky brand names for teaching methods distract from sensible conversations about their real merits.Continue reading

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