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Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence–The Groundbreaking Meditation Practice by Daniel J. Siegel, MD

Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence guides readers through a meditative practice based on focused attention, open awareness, and kind intentions to strengthen the mind and improve mental and physical well-being. Daniel J. Siegel, the author, is a NYT

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More about Macbeth and Memory

Earlier this month, I wrote about the distinction between autobiographical memory and semantic memory. Both kinds help us live meaningful lives. But, schools focus on semantic memory: we want our students to know facts and skills over the long term.

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Does Music Training Help Us Pay Attention?

We can’t improve our students working memory. But, recent research from Chile suggests that music training might benefit one part of our attention system.Continue reading

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Getting the Timing Right: Critical Thinking Online

Spacing practice out helps students learn all sorts of things. Can it help them learn to be critical thinkers online?Continue reading

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Can a Neuromyth Result in a Truce?

Tom Sherrington wants to call a truce between PBL advocates and those championing direct instruction. In a recent essay, he presents the terms of the cease fire.Continue reading

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Welcome to Boston! (Almost)

I’m looking forward to putting names to faces at our Boston conference!Continue reading

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Fostering Curiosity in the Classroom: “What Percentage of Animals are Insects?”

When we ask students to predict the answers to questions, we make them more curious about those answers.Continue reading

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Tea and Macbeth: Autobiographical vs. Semantic Memory

Dramatic classroom events are memorable, but they’re the wrong kind of memorable if we want students to learn the underlying concepts. Clare Sealy explains why.Continue reading

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调查和问题式教学法:Dramatic Results in South America (?)

This study conclusively shows that good teaching is more effective than bad teaching.Continue reading

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Today’s Neuro-Nonsense: Reading Brainwaves in the Classroom

Live EEGs in the classroom just don’t work this way.Continue reading

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