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math teaching

Evaluating the Best Classroom Practices for Teaching Math

Analyzing TIMSS data, researchers draw tentative conclusions about math teaching: memorizing formulas & hearing lectures vs. applying math to “real life.”Continue reading

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perils of mindfulness research

3rd Graders Beware! The Perils of Mindfulness Research

Despite suggestive research about its benefits, teachers should know the perils of mindfulness research. In this study, for example, yoga might have helped 3rd graders improve their emotional quality of life…but the study lacks an active control group. We can hope that the mindfulness helped, but we can’t be sure.Continue reading

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outdoor learning advantage


But do your students have a point? Might there be good reasons to move class outside every now and then?Continue reading

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Relatively young students


If a school has a strict cut-off date for a particular grade, then some students will be almost a full year younger than others. The age-appropriate developmental differences between the youngest and the oldest kindergartener might be substantial.Continue reading

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Head Start: Getting To Yes

Loyal blog readers know that Austin Matte is our local expert on Head Start. To follow up on his recent article, I want to highlight study published in Child Development. Studying records of nearly 3000 students, the authors find that attendance

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School, Self-Regulation, and the Brain

The Study A just-published study asks about the effect of schooling on the brain. (A chatty, readable summary by one of the authors can be found here.) More specifically, it looks at a young child’s ability to self-regulate: a skill

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Once Upon a Digital Time…

A recent study suggests that 3- and 4-year old children understand as much, and learn as much vocabulary from, digital books as from read-alouds with adults. This study hasn’t been published–it was presented at a recent conference–so we can’t look

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The Grade-School Homework Debate

A nicely balanced and well-informed article by Melinda Wenner Moyer.

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